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Garrett Leight California Optical

Inspired by the culture and lifestyle of California. Garrett Leight presents its collection of sunglasses and eyeglass frames graduated with timeless classic style.

The new collection Garrett Leight is intended for those of you who like to project an image and a style of his own with high qualities of personality.

Sunglasses of high quality, but looking for a casual style. In the words of its Founder Garrett Leight the essence and soul of his glasses come from their own experiences of his hometown Venice where are designed not only the brand, but a way of life.

The true Vintage Spirit of California

Garrett Leight

Is the name of its founder a young californian continuer of the saga begun by his father, creator of the iconic brand Oliver Peoples.

On the other hand Garrett is considered a true observer and spends many hours surfing the Internet looking for inspiration in photographs, stories and people with very different styles.

The computer that is Garrett Leight is small but is very united and work in great harmony what they do when choosing the designs of the glasses and its materials.

Why Garrett Leight and Samot?

By that we identify with their style of life and also unite us the way of thinking and doing things from the most profound authenticity and clarity when it comes to selling sun glasses and lenses of the highest quality.

In Samot we have direct contact with a large part of the Garret with which we have the good fortune to meet in all european fairs in which we participate.

And if we had to choose a model of Samot in glasses?

The entire collection, with respect for all the tastes, we mola the gafa folding Van Buren sunglass.

What famous people who wear glasses Garrett Leight?

For example, Leonardo Di Caprio or Johnny Deep, are loyal customers of the brand.

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