MYKITA optical glasses & sunglasses

MYKITA optical glasses & sunglasses.

MYKITA glasses were born in the heart of Berlin in 2003. Its founders were Gottsschling 4 young visionaries Harald Zur Alten Schmiede, Daniel, Philipp Zur Alten Schmiede And Morirtz Krueger. Its name comes from the kindertagesstätte (nursery) “Kita”, due to the fact that the first headquarters of the company was a former nursery.

The MYKITA style stands out for an impeccable combination of technology and craftsmanship. The manufacture is manual and are only used of avant-garde materials and techniques such as 3D printing.

Design and Innovation

Another feature of the glasses MYKITA is the absence of screws in all their mounts. Currently, its new headquarters is located in the historic center of Berlin, in the old factory of the pens Pelikan.

It is a very peculiar as the 100% of the manufacture of glasses MYKITA are manufactured entirely at its headquarters.

SAMOT team we had the opportunity to visit their offices and know first hand how it works in each department; from design, manufacturing, assembly, quality to marketing and distribution.

Know so closely to the MYKITA team makes us feel part of the brand.

Only for a few

MYKITA glasses are only available in its network of own stores, in Berlin, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Copenhagen, Monterrey, Cartagena, Zurich, Zermatt, Vienna and Tokyo. For the rest of the world are only sold in the best optical boutiques.

SAMOT Authorized dealer / MYKITA GmbH