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Lindberg Eyewear

The world’s lightest glasses

The most distinctive feature of the glasses Lindberg are their frames of titanium to air “Titanium” with the absence of screws, rivets or welds that hold the pieces of the glasses. Also available the Acetanium, Lindberg collection titanium, titanium, Strip Lindberg Lindberg Spirit and Lindberg Kids among others.

The “Titanium” are available in different formats, including the classic oval, rectangle, and round shape, with very thin rods in different colors highlighting the black silver.

Timeless design and contemporary elegance.

A bit about the history of Lindberg

Lindberg was created by Poul-Jorn Lindberg in 1979, the owner of a recognized optical since the late 1960s. It was at that moment when he began to design their own glasses.

It took nearly 15 years ago, just in 1983, when Poul decided to join the renowned architect Hans Dissing to create the Air Lindberg, were treated to a spectacle frames made of titanium that you inserted the glass lenses with the absence of screws. Providing them with a lightness and a revolutionary strength in the industry and design of the optical drive.

The invention of the “Air Lindberg glasses without screws”.

The Mounts “air” were a great success and became the banner of the mark until our days. From that time the brand has grown and spread the commercial network to the United States, France and the Netherlands.

Subsequently the line started by the “Air Lindberg” were developed, specializing in the use of other materials in addition to the titanium plates, such as the acetate or the horn of Buffalo.