Samot Opticians since 1917 – Iconic Eyewear Built to Last.

A century, are 100 years old. In days are 36,525 and 876,600 hours. It is a long time in the world of optics. Four generations of the family Quintana at the front of the business.

The optical Shop is located  in Santander, Lealtad street 7, between the Town Hall and the Plaza Porticada and only two minutes from the Botin Center. The local is a combination of their sublime history with the present. It is a clear example of his philosophy, where innovation and design comes with experience, the imprint of the past with the future. In this way we can see how the oak, the graffiti or the concrete share space in perfect harmony. In short, it is a local to the height of the brands that welcomes in its interior.