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VAW transmits a post modern classic style that absorbs the concepts of sustainability, art, lifestyle and urban cultures.

There was a time in which the heart of Willy beat quiet. Perhaps too much. I needed to find new vital energy to face the exciting challenges of life.

A year ago, browsing the Internet, found an ad that said “urgent adoption of a dog. Is called Vito, you have one year and is a charm”. That day he discovered that the heart of the dogs beats at 120 beats per minute. His was human, but when he met Vito, beat as fast as yours.

From that moment, your vital energy will spread and made him feel how to cope with life in a different way, Vito&Willy, is a story of friendship turned into inspiration to create a full of urban planning, sports and experiences.

Sunglasses, clothing, urban art, bikes, surf, united by the passion and for a coffee in good company. Vito&Willy is a born in Spain specialized in the world of the sunglasses, clothing, bicycles, surfboards, mountain view. Seemingly worlds away but united by creativity and constructive typical of a specialized store and an inescapable passion for creating unique works, always original.The three passions of the brand also give life to a line of clothing and accessories that is known all over the world along with collaborations with artists, photographers, magicians and anyone with an innovative character.

Today, these laboratories of the world Vito&Willy are known as the “Temples of enthusiasm”: large exhibition spaces with factory, shop and café, where they can experiment, see and touch with the hand, and rare and special pieces.

The enthusiasm of this world and the spirit of belonging that characterized to the lovers of the brand have had great success in London, Madrid, Berlin and in Santander, a city where the founders of the brand.

Handmade Vito&Willy Optical

We design and manufacture our brand Vito&Willy, looking for compromise between quality and satisfaction of users both in comfort, durability and design.

The manufacturing process is carried out manually as the treatment of the materials as in polishing of each one of the frames. To achieve a high-quality product the material must meet the highest standards of issue of materials used in the majority of acetate and titanium.