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Find some good sunglasses is difficult due to the many options that exist today. In Samot we have chosen different styles, materials and designs, all have in common a timeless style for a daily use. Also we have selected for you those more daring designs in both men and women with whom you can enhance your personality and does not go unnoticed.

If you plan to change your style our collection will help you to find out what sunglasses of the best independent brands are best suited to you.

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Independent Brands.

For minds with its own personality. SAMOT ® Online offers a unique retail experience for all clients sensitive to the quality and design.

We have selcted the collection of sunglasses the most select independent brands in the world for you. All of our brands selected on the basis of the highest quality, Samot is an authorized dealer of independent brands, through our online platform and also in our shop iconic in Santander, Spain.

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