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Gafas para niños Samot

5 Tips to choose the right glasses for your kids



1Prescription glasses for boys and girls

Parents must make important decisions every day; One of the most important is to choose prescription and sunglasses for our children.

 2 – Why is it important to choose the right frame?

At first, because it means guaranteeing your well-being and being able to play freely.

The little ones have very different demands from adults.

The prescription glasses for children are designed and manufactured respecting their use in terms of adaptation, resistance, ergonomics and health.

They must have high quality standards, even higher than adult frames.


gafas para niños

3 – Indestructible glasses for children

The quality of the materials of the glasses is essential.

Therefore, the frame must be totally non-toxic and hypoallergenic, without giving up its aesthetics.

Our choice of materials is the Lindberg children’s titanium glasses. Simply for durability and design. They are “virtually” indestructible glasses.

Choose frames that fit correctly since in addition to offering comfort they have a good design. With this we eliminate the “kid glasses” effect derived from the use of glasses and thus allowing the child to concentrate on their growth and not on their visual problem.


4 – Sunglasses for children

It is important not to neglect the visual well-being of the little ones during every aspect of their growth, thus favoring their tranquility and their well-being.

Therefore, they must be protected both in their classroom activities and for extracurricular activities and sports they practice.

Of course, protect them with good sunglasses whenever you go to the beach or the countryside and where there is high sun exposure.


5 – The visual health of our children: A priority.

An early diagnosis in case of suffering any pathology such as lazy eye (amblyopia), strabismus or refractive defects is very important when it comes to correcting them.

Because of their growth, children need to perform a visual exam at least once a year.

Our brands Lindberg and Lookkino glasses

The brands of glasses for children that we have chosen in Samot correspond to two of the best brands in the world. Lindberg and Lookkino. If you want to see our offer of glasses for children visit our section of glasses for children.


If you have any questions about the visual health of your children, do not hesitate to contact us.

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