men's acetate sunglasses


Fashion and a sustainable lifestyle should be fun and enjoyable for everyone.
Creating an ideal TENSION between the quality and design, black and white, nature and art.

Mr Vito
Vito and Willy gafas graduada
sunglasses vito and willy

Men's acetate sunglasses

The VITO AND WILLY frame is not mass-produced, (like most eyewear companies that have machines pumping out hundreds of thousands of eyewear into the market).

Vito and Willy gafa graduada
vito and willy gafas


The style principle of Vito and Willy is Transparency. The glasses designed by Vito and Willy are time-less and well thought out in every detail; combining innovative technology with traditional crafts-manship at the highest level of quality.


There was a time when my heart used to beat calm. Maybe too calm. I needed to find new vital energy to face new exciting challenges in life. A year ago, surfing through internet, I found an advertisement which said "Urgent dog adoption". His name is Vito and he is a year old sweetheart´. That day I discovered dog’s heart have a rhythm of 120 beats per minute. Mine is human, but when I met Vito, my heart was as fast as his. From that instance, he transmitted me his vital energy … He is Vito. I am Willy. And this is a story of friendship filled with new feelings, days of surf, frisbee and a project which will leave trace: create a new brand of sunglasses, optical glasses and whatever is to come, to look at the world with a new vision, a lot of style and eager to enjoy. How do you see it, Vito? Woof!