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Jacques Marie Mage Fumio 1R690


Jacques Marie Mage Fumio 1R690 is an oversize tribute to the most iconic of shapes, the round and sees inspiration from Kurosawa to give it that Japanese touch that includes it in its Kyosho collection.

It is possible to create a model with which you will feel very comfortable and good looking, The Fumio. You feel that you are wearing quality and precious glasses. Unparalleled originality and class by matching design, color and materials.

Oversize and colorfull, this surprising shape is complemented by paddle-shaped temples for more comfort and distinction.

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Jacques Marie Mage is a manufacturer of collectible and “rare” glasses that combine historical motifs with precious materials, innovative production methods and ethical business practices.

All of his productions are numbered and very limited. They are difficult to get, do not miss out on your favorite!

JMM glasses are characterized by striking geometric shapes with a strong character of their own, which are impeccably crafted from the highest quality materials.

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