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From artist to your eyes.

Portrait Eyewear. Designs influenced by vintage aesthetics, passion, emerging artists and contemporary art.

PORTRAIT’s close proximity to the creative arts is based on a reflection of the unique character of the wearer as well as finding inspiration

Contemporary eyewear art 

The brand

Our product is entirely handmade in Italy by genuine artisans who combine traditional craftsmanship with high-technology manufacturer, pursuing the highest quality standards.


PORTRAIT Eyewear was born from the genuine desire of two half-Venezuelan/Spanish siblings of preserving the traditional quality of Italian handcrafting, channeling such a precious resource through contemporary-eyewear design research and following the principles of a sustainable and socially responsible business.


Opticals and sunglasses are the results of deep design research and experimentation, strongly influenced by art-history movements and dedicated to its most iconic figures. Coherently with the project’s art soul, the communication is based on the promotion of emerging artists in fair cooperation that co-endorses both players, the brand and its fascinating testimonials.