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The best/quality frames and lenses for your eyes.

VITO AND WILLY is about more than just eyewear. VITO AND WILLY is direct, honest and transparent. We express what is important to us; we don’t make promises that we can’t keep; we communicate and we listen.

Ethical and useful


Being modern and conscious is an attitude and Vito and Willy embodies it through a play of materials and shapes based on irreplaceable authenticity and the unique Japan handcrafted work.

This new set of aesthetics, the fall between modern classic and urban, is the result of premium materials, of Japanese acetate and advanced titanium treatments.

Vito and Willy® is the sustainable Spanish eyewear brand because it works leading the future. The key to being an eyewear brand with a concept based on sustainability is its design based on creating frames that last a lifetime.

Transparent quality

Vito and Willy is an independent brand that was born under three very important pillars: the quality of the materials, transparency in terms of manufacturing and identification with a sustainable lifestyle.

Identity and values

Vito and Willy is our constantly growing and vibrant eyewear brand. It is the synthesis of many things: creativity, travel, friends and family tradition. We create glasses to last your whole life. And most importantly, they are a reflection of our identity.

The brand Vito & Willy 

This story started in November 2012… There was a time when my heart used to beat calmly. Perhaps too calm. I needed to find new vital energy to face new exciting challenges in life. (Willy).

Sustainable Glasses

The beauty lies in the CONTRADICTIONS. Just like in our lives. Vito y Willy is a sustainable Spanish eyewear brand that was born in our Samot optics. The brand is special for many things that are concentrated in a story full of positivity and energy. We believe in sustainability as a lifestyle.

Why Vito and Willy are different 

Engineered for your eyes, we marry traditional methods with modern technologies, to create frames for advanced vision, and better living.

Our frames are made in the traditional way, and go through fifty crafted stages of production over a period of six weeks, including four separate stages of polishing to ensure a glorious lustre.